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Healing Breathwork

I offer several styles of guided breathwork experiences including: Rebirthing and Shamanic based techniques . These styles represent different approaches to breathwork with varying levels of technical difficulty and strenuousness.

Holistic Life Coaching 

In addition to providing breathwork lessons, I also offer coaching/ counselling sessions which may be included in the one-one-one customized breathwork sessions, or without the breathwork experience entirely.

My coaching practice focuses on enabling self-actualization through the uncovering of our unconscious operating systems while working with you to recognize you innate transformative potential.


Art Practices

I combine my breathwork and counselling knowledge with my artistic education to provide you with therapeutic experiences full of intuitive art making processes.


Art making is very effective in providing the subconscious mind with a safe environment to reveal itself in its rawest expression. Once we give ourselves the space to express our subconscious worlds, we are then able to integrate them and thus heal our traumas and internal fragments.

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